Instructor Bios

Mme Danielle - Instructor

Danielle grew up in Edmonton in a multi-lingual home with French and a little bit of Italian in the mix for good measure. She has her BA in Sociology, has been the Les Causeries Instructor since 2009 and brings recent experiences from a year long adventure in Australia to the classroom. 

Danielle enjoys working with the children and watching their understanding of French grow throughout the year. When she's not in the classroom Danielle enjoys spending time with her fantastic family, taking in the sights and sounds of Edmonton's River Valley, reading a good book or planning her next travel adventure. 

Mme Sonia - Assistant Instructor

Sonia grew up in a multi–lingual home in Edmonton and studied French with great success in junior high and high school. She studied at the University of Alberta, attended Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto and has been involved in the local French Immersion community throughout her daughter's education. 

Sonia has been the Les Causeries Assistant Instructor since 2010 and is a much loved companion during Tapis Time. One of Sonia’s biggest joys and greatest rewards has been working with children and helping them learn. When not in the classroom, Sonia likes to travel, enjoys theatre and art, and loves spending time with her family.